MeXo Lounge Set Polyrattan Gartenmöbel 3/4-teile für 6-7 Personen Garten & Balkon

Nach Belieben kombinieren, für 6-7 Personen Garten & Balkon
  • Ergonomischen breiten Armlehnen und Rückenlehnen
  • Geeignet für jeden Wohnbereich im Freien
  • UV-beständige & wetterfeste Polyrattan-Materialen
  • Bequeme & wasserabweisende Sitzkissen,Rückenkissen
  • Abnehmbare Kissenbezüge, leicht abwischbarer Tisch

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MeXo: Physical and mental relaxation: 1. This spacious sofa set has extra wide... mehr


Physical and mental relaxation:

1. This spacious sofa set has extra wide arm and backrests and is equipped with thick cushions and backrests. Everything is designed to adapt to your body and give you maximum relaxation.

2. This outdoor furniture provides a comfortable space for you to enjoy some private time just for yourself on the sofas, perhaps for reading, pondering or just lounging.

Durable, rustproof, weatherproof, wind & UV resistant: 

1. Polyrattan is the ideal outdoor material. The material is completely impervious to rain, dew and sunlight and has a long service life.

2. This garden furniture set has a stable and rustproof frame made of multi-braced steel in cage construction. Thanks to an appropriate finish and the steel frame, the product is characterized by rust resistance.

3. This garden furniture has a high wind resistance, so it should not tip over or lose its stability due to gusts of wind.

Modern and practical design: 

1. This garden furniture set comes in an elegant sky blue color and beautifully woven poly rattan, making the furniture look even more delicate and visually elegant. 

2. This garden furniture set offers additional storage space. You can lift the tabletop and find enough storage space underneath it. You can store books, tea sets, clothes and other items here.

Daily cleaning and maintenance made easy:

The covers of the pads are provided with zippers. So they can be removed and washed when dirty. The poly rattan is weatherproof, UV light resistant, dirt-repellent and easy to clean.

Easy construction:

The set comes with all the necessary components, assembly is easy and can be mastered in just a few minutes. No special tools or experience are required.


Due to the modular structure, it can be pushed together or set up individually as required. Whether on the terrace, in the garden, by the pool, or at parties and in beer gardens, this garden furniture set is the perfect choice.


1. Care instructions should be taken into account when removing stains.

2. Please do not use knives or other pointed or sharp objects to open the package, otherwise the product may be damaged.

3. Please provide a 24-hour phone number, otherwise there will be some delivery problems.

4. Please protect your set with a sofa cover when not in use and/or in extreme weather conditions to prolong its lifespan.


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Dreisitzsofa: ca. B182 x H 76 x T 76cm

Doppelsitzsofa: ca. B 126 x H 76 x T 76 cm

Einzelsessel: ca. B 71 x H 76 x T 76 cm

Couchtisch: ca. B 120 x H 40 x T 60 cm

Beistelltisch: ca. B 70 x H 64 x T 70 cm

Sitzkissen: ca. B 55 x H 65 x T 6.5 cm

Rückemkissen: ca. B 56 x H 42 x T 5 cm


1 x Dreisitzsofa

2 x Einzelsessel

1 x Doppelsitzsofa

1 x Couchtisch

7 x Sitzkissen

7 x Rückenkissen

1 x Bedienungsanleitung

(Dekoration nicht inklusive)

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